About Us

As I played on my living room floor with a shirt and a fabric marker making a cheetah heart shirt to prank a friend, lightning struck me. I had the idea and desire to find a way to manufacture my "Still Believin'" prank into an actual business. I searched far and wide, looking for a way to get a print made.

I refused to use plastic patching on a shirt. That wasn't good enough for the customers I was going to sell my quality products to. After months of searching and many tears, God shined on me. I found an amazing company to supply the materials that I had searched so hard for. I found a printing company that could take my design and make a computerized print.

It took our Melinda three hours of pain-staking work to create the press. We were ready for trial runs. Sublimation is a tedious process and we held our breath, but it came out perfect. This giant printing company all let out a cheer. From there, we had our sublimate ink dye design. No ugly patches. The design led to Messenger Bags, Fedoras & License Plates along with the Shirts. Our business was born.

We are from the mountains of Virginia and through searching, trials, tears and God's grace we created a family business. Our suppliers and our printers in Virginia deserve major recognition for their great work and creativity. Our business is family owned and operated. Each member of our family has a specific role in the business.

We take pride in our quality products made right here in Virginia. Our prayer is that you all enjoy our products as much as we enjoy providing them to you. Our entire family appreciates each customer that buys our products and we value our faith in God who brought us here to you.

Be blessed, enjoy and thank you to everyone from the beginning to this end result of serving you all.

Best wishes,
Schlix Designs