Cut your own style
In the Likeness of
Steve Perry’s
cheetah t-shirt

I really am the original Small Town Girl. Small town, but very large dreams. No rail service here, so I couldn't take a midnight train, but the dream never faded.
A friend and I bandied around jokes about the cheetah print shirt worn by our music idol for a long time, until one day realization struck! The joke could become a reality.
And so Schlix Designs was born...
Preliminary research showed us that there are many of you out there who would love a shirt in the style of that worn by S.P. So we formed a Design Team and set about creating a range of products in the iconic print. There were slips, trips, and falls along the way, but we never lost sight of our goal.
We are extremely proud of the range of merchandise we have created, and we know you will wear these with great pleasure.
And all this proves that dreams can come true, if only we don't stop believing.

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Cheetah Print Fedora Hat
About Us
Welcome to Our Site!

Steve Perry said in an interview that he enjoyed shredding his (now iconic) cheetah printed shirt prior to a show. Well we could manufacture our shirts pre-shredded. But here at Schlix Designs, we want you guys and gals to be part of the fun. So we're offering you the chance to shred your own shirt. Each garment will be different.

You will have created your own design, unique to you, just as The Voice created HIS own.

Schlix Designs has given you the canvas and started the picture. Now you can finish it, and we know that you creative guys and gals will come up with some amazing results. You might even like to post your pics to your own pages, and extend the fun.

So... Happy Snipping, and SHRED ON!

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Cheetah Print License Plate  Cheetah Print Hat  Cheetah Print White T-Shirt

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What People Say

I purchased the package and was not disappointed! All the items were perfect and excellent quality. I really enjoyed shredding the shirt myself and the messenger bag is the perfect size for tablets, notebooks, folders, etc. Schlix Design's customer service is fantastic, also. I emailed a question and got a response quickly from the owner (very nice person). I highly recommend this company and their products!!

Ciji Barnette

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